Bathroom furniture 2021, styles and trends for new furnishing concepts.

With the growing desire to shake off the pandemic negativity, a new creative lifeblood flows through all productive sectors flowing from the effervescent balance between rebirth and rediscovery.

In this 2021, terms like rebuild, renovate, refurbish, redevelop, are daily positioning themselves at the top of our attention.

On an individual level, this often translates into choices geared toward prioritizing everything about the home and generally taking better care of the spaces in which we live. Especially as an effect of the various lockdown periods, today we are in fact witnessing a rediscovery of the archaic sense of the home as an intimate refuge, a place of shelter that offers security and warmth.

Even in furniture projects, this trend seems to direct us towards an interior design characterized by more comfortable and warm environments, in total harmony with nature, aesthetically more refined but, at the same time, light and smart. An elegance therefore obtained from the balance and clean lines, without too much sophistication, to pamper, not flaunt.

In this way, Puntotre‘s wide range of product customization options, always up-to-date and the result of continuous research into style and materials, is undoubtedly a fundamental resource for allowing the freedom needed to create bathroom furnishing solutions in line with one’s idea of home.

In detail, the captivating materic finishes presented in the latest SISTEMI catalog are proving to be a fundamental support in the configuration of modern bathrooms that respond to the current concepts requested by designers.

As for the faucets, the presence of matte black is consolidated with the emergence of metallic finishes such as Rose Gold, Bronze, etc., thus offering new stimulating ideas for a truly unique bathroom.

In the photo: the very high quality of Puntotre material laminates plays with the colors of nature, proposing a refined combination of Piasentina stone and Eucalyptus wood.

With the Puntotre modular and custom composition, the combination possibilities are practically endless, get inspired by our ideas and keep following us to not miss the next updates!