Floorstanding solution for modern bathroom furniture

With little regard from market players for balance between design and function, we are gradually witnessing the disappearance of essential solutions


comp_1_poker_SEC2In recent years, the bathroom furniture market has seen the big brands focus all their attention on the look of furniture, in many cases to the detriment of its actual everyday use. The continuous pursuit of increasingly “minimal” design has led many manufacturers to lose sight of certain technical and functional aspects of paramount importance that used to give the product a level of practicality and versatility required for household use.

Out of all the various issues resulting from this trend, the most negative for end users and designers is most likely the total demise of floorstanding bathroom furniture.

Committed as we always have been to striking a perfect balance between design and function, Puntotre has not overlooked this aspect and, even in modern style bathroom furniture, we still come up with intelligent alternatives for customers who are unable to install wall-mounted units.

This can be the case either in a new build or a renovation project, where a space has been divided with plasterboard stud walls to create a bathroom.
While this building option is undeniably practical and widely used, it results in significant restrictions when it comes to designing a bathroom. Installing wall-mounted units is not an option in these cases, unless special bracing is installed inside the actual stud wall to provide added strength.

With this in mind then, Puntotre has come up with a modular system offering a whole host of different solutions, including three different depths, heights and module sizes in 5cm increments, available both as furniture with handles and as handleless furniture with the groove detail.

Puntotre solutions combine both aesthetic and functional value so that you can have a modern scheme even where walls cannot take the weight of a wall-mounted unit, providing enough storage space to meet the whole family’s needs.