The modern bathroom according to Puntotre

Bagno Moderno Brick by PuntotrePuntotre Arredobagno is an ever-evolving company. Every day, we are looking into new solutions and seeking out materials offering ever-higher performance to consistently cater to our customers’ every need in terms of taste and function. The full Puntotre Modern Bathroom range currently boasts no less than twelve collections, each representing a unique style designed ad hoc each time, introducing precise technical and design innovations.
Bespoke bathroom furniture finds its ultimate expression in the modern bathroom, where the range of possible configurations is practically endless: basins, bathtubs, shower trays, finishes, lighting, mirrors, vanities, wall cabinets and an extensive range of bathroom accessories can be mixed and matched to create unique, innovative solutions to tailor the bathroom to reflect your individual style preferences. Lastly, innovative materials like Plexicor, Corian, Mineralmarmo, Neolith, Tecnoril, and Geacryl (to name but a few), have unique properties that enable us to produce bathtubs, basins and countertops of unrivalled versatility, embodying Puntotre’s continuous focus on technical research. The best known bathroom furniture collections that Puntotre currently offers as solutions for the modern bathroom are: FlashTime, Fly, Vario40, Onda, Linea, Brick, Poker, Brill, Young, Modula, i40, Ola, Rail

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