Ocritech and HPL, a pair of numbers one

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Always at the forefront of product research, Puntotre combines these two materials for cutting-edge furnishing solutions

Two technologically advanced materials that can be coupled together to give the maximum, both in terms of aesthetic performance and functionality. The exclusivity of this combination lies in the details and visual impact, a fresh and clean design that offers unique solidity and durability.

The HPL (High Pressure Laminate) is a material made with flat presses in sheets with variable thickness from 0.5 to 20 mm, which make it practically waterproof and resistant to scratches, shocks, abrasions, chemicals and heat.

Ocritech is instead a Solid Surface, an advanced composite material with which surfaces are made with the same characteristics of strength as the HPL but with one more advantage, namely the ability to recover from small damage caused by shocks and scratches. From Puntotre two great materials for bathroom furnishing of the latest generation. Continue to follow us!