Our suggestions for enjoying your bathroom furniture over time

The bathroom is the environment of self-care, and more than any other it is the space in which we seek privacy and relaxation. Therefore, the decor and design of this place are crucial. By combining shapes, colors and accessories, we can create atmospheres and arouse emotions in harmony with our style and needs.

Puntotre, in addition to offering the most extensive system of customization in this regard, is also constantly striving to offer cutting-edge and durable materials in order to always ensure the maximum usability of its products over time, both aesthetically and practically.

This aspect, in an environment where water is the pivotal element, is obviously of primary importance. Our materials boast prestigious certifications, the result of continuous innovation and research in this field. However, some small precautions and proper maintenance by the user are prerequisites for enjoying the product while enhancing its features for as long as possible.

Being able to ensure a quality bathroom that will stay with us unchanged over time is actually really simple. Each of our products comes with a Warranty and Maintenance Booklet, where you can find valuable suggestions for each type of material.

In any case, whichever bathroom furniture solution you choose, there are at least two universally valid rules:

  • the first is to try to get used to drying your bathroom cabinet after each use. Water, perhaps inadvertently, could in fact seep through the cracks, penetrating the panels over time and ruining them as a result. This good practice also helps in the prevention of staining caused by limestone, a sediment that has a significant presence in domestic water in some areas of our territory.
  • The second is to avoid, in the most absolute way, the use of cleaners containing acids, solvents or anything else that may attack the surface of your furniture.

With these two simple steps you can safely ensure that you will enjoy your bathroom furniture, without complications, for a long time.

In addition, for some products in our range, such as Solid Surface, HPL, Glass or Stoneware countertops, you can find specific instructions in the Warranty and Maintenance Booklet, which can be consulted in special cases or in the presence of difficult stains.