Puntotre’s solution for the floor-standing bathroom furniture

Even in the most elegant and sophisticated designs, modern bathroom furniture today offers smart answers aimed at the greatest possible balance between aesthetics and function, seeking those levels of practicality and versatility that domestic use demands.

In contemporary design, the search for innovative solutions is always
accompanied by the awareness of conceiving an end product
that is truly centered on the everyday needs of the end user

With this in mind, Puntotre‘s floor-standing bathroom cabinet continues to be a uniquely successful example in the industry, both in its traditional one-piece version and in its more articulated modular alternatives.

The ability to install designer bathroom furniture even where walls cannot support a hanging cabinet (e.g., drywall),
The increased storage capacity (thanks to the inclusion of three large drawers),
the overall optimization of space and the wide range of customizations available,
are the main features that make this product the smartest choice for anyone who wants to furnish functionally without sacrificing the exclusivity of Puntotre style.