Vertigo Evolution, a confirmation of an increasingly iconic product.

Less than a month after its market launch, the new Puntotre collection has already achieved prestigious positions in the Italian high-end bathroom furniture scene.

Unveiled last September as an evolutionary step of the successful Vertigo design, in a short time Vertigo Evolution has managed to gain an important slice of notoriety, registering outstanding results and garnering cross-sectional acclaim among industry insiders and end users.

By those who have followed the project from the earliest stages, the birth of Vertigo Evolution has been likened to an intuitive momentum that spontaneously became reality, harmoniously going along with the creative flow. A true product evolutionary process, driven by our passion for innovation, research and detail.

With this philosophy, once again Puntotre has managed to introduce noteworthy updates that expand the already vast selection of customizations available to make one’s bathroom unique.

Of particular note among the various new features: the front with groove and curved elements (unique in the market), the new COLOR consoles (12 colors), and the new opaque Mineraltek tops. Then again, there is the DIX decagonal mirror with integrated LEDs, Meridian adjustable lamps, the CUBE container mirror with open compartment and characteristic double-sided doors, the new META bathtubs and new HPL finishes with anti-fingerprint surface.

Start designing your bathroom now, see the entire collection here.

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