Wood bathroom furniture, some cleaning tips


We continue the series of our tips on the care of bathroom furniture, today we talk about the cleaning of the wood furniture.

Wood is the natural material for excellence, beloved by designers and architects, is used in various parts of the bathroom, not only on frontal and chassis, today also many solutions for table tops are composed using wood as element of improvement, both for aesthetics and functional reasons.
The sweetness and the cozy warmth of this material satisfy our need to “feel at home “, but it has inevitably also a downside, that is the need of a more scrupulous and careful maintenance.
Wood, by its nature, tends to absorb moisture and water, thus tending to expand or change shape.
In addition to the usual drying after use, that is as we have already seen, a good rule to conserve the material, the daily cleaning can be done using a soft cloth dampened with a little warm water.
To act more deeply, you can use a soft cloth with the addition of a little mild non-abrasive detergent, following the direction of the grain, it subsequently wipe the surface with a cloth with water only, so as not to leave detergent residue. Absolutely avoid the use of alcohol, stain removers, acetone, ammonia and bleach.
Remember this simply tips and your bathroom will be always perfect!
See you to next post.
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