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The preparation of the compositions of bathroom furniture for the new creative season of Puntotre Arredobagno is proceeding in great steps. We present some previews of Rome, the new concept that follows ART, reinterpreting the classic in a modern key with the introduction of the tubular structure.


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04/Dec.2017. NEWS

Puntotre’s bathroom furniture for 2018

The most evocative images of the eagerly awaited Rome model, a new concept that follows from ART, reinterpreting the...

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31/Oct.2017. BLOG

Ocritech and HPL, a pair of numbers one

Two technologically advanced materials that can be coupled together to give the maximum, both in terms of aesthetic performance...

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08/Sep.2017. NEWS

First pictures of the new Puntotre’s bathroom furniture

The preparation of the bathroom furniture compositions for the new creative season of Puntotre Arredobagno is proceeding very quickly.

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25/Jul.2017. NEWS

The creative autumn of Puntotre, first previews

Last sprint before the summer break for our style office, let's look forward to a full-featured fall season and...

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