Custom-made Bathroom

In Puntotre bathroom furniture has always been considered a durable good, a product intended for a long period of use. During the decision making process for the purchase of a bathroom furniture, we know, thanks to our experience, how a precise assessment of the real needs and a careful search for an unique style in order to meet your own personal taste, are both key components for a successful purchase of a bathroom furniture, that is really up to expectations.
Faithful to this road, Puntotre proposes in the market of bathroom an absolute advantage: the ability to go out of the box and see concretely realized your ideas. This is the real custom-made bathroom furniture of Puntotre Bathrooms.
Thanks to a furniture system based on an advanced modular design, you can get specific processes of customisation, an incredible variety of finishes extended to the entire RAL range, surfaces of all types, lacquered, natural, wood, melamine, laminates. In addition, the choice of the plan most suited to their needs, can be done by evaluating a wide variety of materials, finishes and functionality. Nevertheless, the support of trained professionals, in every exclusive showroom that distributes the original product Puntotre, can guide the customer towards targeted solutions to their real needs.
Find your style, choose your spaces, the bathroom furniture now is finally without limits. With Puntotre the furnishing becomes a natural expression of your own being.

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