Built-in washing machine, how to make the correct choice


Some tips to avoid unpleasant surprises and to better integrate the washing machine in your bathroom furniture.

In the market there are hundreds models of recessed washing machine, with various features and functionality, but, what will be the right one to be installed in your bathroom furniture? So, now we’ll try to clarify this issue.
One of the first thing to keep in mind is that the washing machines manufacturers never declare the actual amount of space of the element, but only the size of his body. As a result, portholes, commands and control knobs are all excluded from the final depth declared. This little detail, if not properly considered, could generate several problems and seriously constrain your projects.
Puntotre. with its wide range of modules, provides the most complete variety of elements and compositions to configure at the best the actual space of the washing machine with its entire depth. If the various solutions of modular composition should not be enough again to meet the customer’s needs, in the Puntotre design center we can study best solutions for every type of bathroom. With Puntotre bathroom furniture is really tailored!

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