The design and the evolution of space in the modern bathroom


The contemporary bathroom between function and aesthetics, the evolution of a room that fits our being.

In recent decades, a constant evolution of the concept of living and the way of living the home have influenced the criteria for the design and furnishing of the entire home environment.
The modern bathroom has played a leading role this process of change, showing the most significant changes, both functionally and from the aesthetic point of view.

In the 80s began the attention on the centrality of the body and the self-care, promoting the development of new design concepts and business (such as gyms and wellness centers).
With the affirmation of a culture increasingly oriented to self-expression of one’s being, the relationship with the domestic environment is changed passing from an attitude purely focused on functional dimension to a new creative approach to space. Single rooms evolve from areas of service to theme areas.
In this context the bathroom left his label of simple room of service, and it ennoble becoming an environment of relax, wellness and body care.
Each design element of the bathroom assumes significant importance to the achievement of a specific atmosphere, the room becomes space of expression and all contribute to meeting the specific housing needs and lifestyles of those who live it.
Every detail is studied in a global perspective, preferring minimal lines, light and spacious, custom-built furniture, designer furniture and accessories themed tanks with the latest materials, shower open-space with dishes at floor, light with special lamps for a soft light and relaxing.

Innovazione, estetica, funzionalità e una maggiore consapevolezza verso la responsabilità ambientale, ha portato il design e l’arredamento del bagno moderno in un passo importante verso l’idea della casa sempre più integrato con la nostra dimensione e nostro stile di vita psicofisica.

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