Designing the bathroom, a brief guide to the basin setup


Some our considerations to help you during the choice of the main element around which aesthetics and functionality of the entire composition are outlined.

Among the various aspects to be considered in the good design of a bathroom, the choice of the solution to adopt for the basin is among the most crucial, both in terms of general appearance, and of his employment. The issue is focused on two main alternatives: integrated or a on-top solution? We see with the advantages and special features of each of them.
Starting from the on-top sinks, we can certainly say that, for those who make creativity a lifestyle, the range of shapes, materials and configurations available today, play strongly in favor of this choice. The on-top solution offers a great freedom to realize an exclusive design, with possibilities of composition that can really make your bathroom furniture a unique piece, a truly customized product.In this point of view, you can choose a large range of elements, from minimal style washbasins (generally less capacious) to classic (with a capacity of several liters of water), needing bigger and stronger tops. In the aspect of materials, today the choice is vast: ceramic, solid materials (Corian or tecnoril), glass, stone carved and various resins leave the possibility to designers and end users to play with the combinations and create your own styles.
To fully enjoy the benefits of these pieces of furniture, like any quality item, you must take into account the natural needs of care and maintenance. Even the most “stylish” compositions, like a beautiful wooden top with sink in novato support, without due attention it may be quickly ruined.
For their part, the integrated plans lend themselves to a more easy care, providing a lighter aesthetic shape, allowing high-level of functionality and versatility.Also in this area, the materials have evolved significantly in recent years; the glass is passed to integrated plans with advanced materials such as the “solid surfaces” and Mineralmarmo, arriving today to innovative elements in Ecomalta, Gres, and many other cutting-edge composites. Finally, is important to remember that for this type of solutions, the capacity of the tanks, although in many cases more than ample, does not reach the levels of some on-top basins, specially designed for this function.
Therefore, integrated basin or on-top sink? The choice is yours!
Get creative, choose your style.
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