Continues our virtual journey through the technical materials used by Puntotre Bathrooms for the realization of integrated tops.
Today we talk about PLEXICOR ®, it is the latest generation of SOLID-SURFACE material, available in several colors that follow the coolest trends.
The unique feature to keep the color even where the material stretches, allow to thermoform integrated basins also with colored finishes.
Composed for more than 70% from natural stone powder, a 25% of acrylic resins of high quality and a 5% natural pigments. Completely homogeneous, is very resistant to scratches and knocks, and has a low specific weight.
Can be molded, carved or thermoformed, for the creation of the most disparate shapes.
Because it is not porous, can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth, a sponge and a mild detergent. In obstinate cases, it may even be used in all tranquility an abrasive cream, easily on commerce available. In this case, to maintain the uniform appearance, it will be good rub each time the whole surface.