The issue of a long, narrow bathroom is addressed with an S-curved compact solution. It enables otherwise dead space around a doorway to be exploited to the full, allowing the door to open comfortably while still providing plenty of counter space and storage due to the vanity’s convex curve. The Matrix laminate offers the attractive appearance of woodgrain and the peace of mind that comes with the latest generation 3D surfaces and their heavy-duty properties. The harmonious wave-live design of the doors is also adopted by the satin-finish bar handles.

The C-shaped matt lacquered shelf, with angled edging reminiscent of a picture frame, is highly practical, being mounted next to the circular mirror with built-in LED light. The MineralMarmo® countertop has an integral basin whose distinctive shape is achieved by virtue of the pliable nature of the material, which is also highly resistant and easy to repair if marred by minor scuffing. Finishes: BLACK MATRIX LAMINATE – WHITE MATT LACQUERED – MINERALMARMO®

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