The after ISH 2019, results and impressions

A few days after the closure of the 2019 edition of the ISH, we share our thoughts on this positive experience.

The ISH 2019 recorded a record number of international visitors (161 countries compared to 153 in 2017), confirming the important role of this important trade fair among the top events in the sector. In total, around 190,000 visitors flocked to the five days of the event this year to find out about the latest news and trends from the world of HVAC + Water.

In this context, as in previous editions, Puntotre Arredobagno participated as a leading brand in the Federlegno area, in the centre of the ISH Water pavilion, the heart of the exhibition centre.

Thanks to the continuous ability to propose innovative solutions and exclusive design, the excellence of Made in Italy once again has managed to stand out among the more than 2500 exhibitors at the fair. In this regard, we ask for some comments from our sales manager who was present in Frankfurt:

How do you generally view this latest edition of the ISH?

« For Puntotre, the Frankfurt fair has once again proved to be an unmissable event, especially for its great strategic value on the international stage.

In this sense, the attentive eye of foreign professionals is able to give us significant feedback on the goodness of the development choices of our brand on every occasion. »

What kind of trends have you observed in global markets?

« For our part, we have noted in general a growing involvement of stakeholders from the eastern front and at the same time a slight decrease in attendance from the American and African continent. »

Finally, speaking of products, what are the impressions collected and previews introduced by Puntotre?

« From this point of view, the position of the stand was certainly a favorable aspect, so we had the opportunity to intercept two distinct flows of visitors, those interested in the modern bathroom focused on technological innovation and cutting-edge design, and those interested in revisiting the classic in a creative or fashion key

As in every edition, the Frankfurt fair was also an opportunity for Puntotre to present to the international public the latest news, with a particular focus on the exclusive preview of the future model UP & DOWN, a 45 cm entry level bathroom furniture that will stand out for its great versatility…»

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