The choice of the shower tray in the bathroom design


Customizable shower tray at floor level and the new design of solid-surface materials for a bath “renewable”

The choice of the shower tray is the first step to the good composition for a shower that is functional and in line with the design requirements of your bathroom. Apparently of secondary importance, the technical and aesthetic choices related to this item are actually very important for the final result of your environment. Thanks to the experience gained in the international context of PROGETTO3 – the brand of our division dedicated to the superior level hotel contract – Puntotre shortly will present an innovative design of shower trays made ​​of solid-surface materials such as Tecnoril , Deimos , and Corian Cristalplant .
The most important advantage of these materials is their renewability. The physical properties of solid-surfaces allow you to bring back – with a few simple maintenance tasks – the surface of the tray to its original appearance as a result of any type of damage, whether arising from an accidental bump or from the persistence of negative conditions, such as dirt or the use of unsuitable cleaning agents.
To these technical values must be added the functional and aesthetic aspects​​. These materials give the shower a unique effect on the pavement, the surface is soft and pleasant unlike the classic tray in ceramic or acrylic. The extreme flexibility in the processing, offers the possibility of sagomarlo in various forms thus favoring creativity and exclusive needs of each project.

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