The ribbed effect in the bathroom furniture

It is at the turn of the ‘50sand ’60s, the period in which some of the main stylistic imprints that today are so much appreciated in the increasingly popular contemporary reinterpretations of the modern antiques.

After World War II, especially in our country, the climate of confidence and the economic boom went to compose the perfect scenario for the development of a current of innovation and research without equal, able to bring into the daily lives of millions of Italians the avant-garde creativity of the great designers.

The influence of this trend had transversal repercussions on every sector, starting from furniture, which still today can benefit from some iconic concepts created by the masters of the time.

The growing attention paid to vintage lines, which in recent months we find in the most glamorous interior design, translates in many cases into a revival of the most famous ideas of those golden days, reinterpreting them, however, through intriguing contaminations between art-deco, minimalism and Scandinavian style.

In this context, it can happen more and more often to come across the exaltation of a decorative detail really characteristic and of great aesthetic impact: we are talking about the famous “ribbed” effect.

Technically, this particular decoration consists of a dense series of regular groovesthat usually develop vertically on the surface of the furniture (or boiserie), creating a striking three-dimensional striped pattern. The profile of the grooves can be either rounded with a ribbed effect, or squared, with a staved effect.

However, the end result is guaranteed in every project. Its application in fact makes any piece of furniture more sophisticated, enhancing it in a unique way, giving it refinement and great charm.

Puntotre was one of the first furniture manufacturers to re-propose the “cannettato” in a contemporary key, once again raising the bar for the concept of modern bathroom furniture.

Vertigo is our collection in which the ribbed solution finds its greatest expression; as always, however, thanks to the infinite possibilities of customization of Puntotre bathroom furniture, each new composition can be the result of original, unique combinations, all to be discovered!