Consorteria, the official magazine comes out


Don’t miss the updates of Consorteria with the six-monthly magazine of the project.

The first issue of the official magazine of Consorteria, the innovative project for contract is now available. It is a partnership of eight historical realities of Made in Italy, united under a single flag to conceive new spaces and offer customers excellence and convenience. The Consorteria magazine will be published every six months and you can download it free of charge as an attachment to the news that we will publish from time to time. Afterwards, you can also find it in our convenient Utilities area, where we will create an archive that will be updated periodically with all the releases already published. In this first issue, to celebrate the launch of the ambitious project, a first important look at the solidity of the solutions and the potential of this innovative approach to contract; in addition to the general presentation of Consorteria, you can discover a detailed overview of all the protagonists, the founding companies that gave life to the project, each with its own historical profile and wealth of unique values. Download your copy here

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