“Modula Due” presents the laminate of the third millennium


The new bathroom furniture “Modula Two”, in addition to research into the design, stands out for its innovative technical solutions, including the use of the futuristic material Fenix ​​Ntms ™

Fenix ​​Ntms ™ is an innovation completely made in Italy came from research in nanotechnology. Use of this amazing material allows to obtain self-repair surfaces with excellent performances in every aspect, both technical and ergonomic.

The exterior of the compound is characterized by a decorative surface treated with resins of new generation which enable the thermal reparability of scratches. These features provide unique properties to the material, allowing us to restore our own scratched surface in a few minutes, with the simple use of a common flatiron.

In addition to this advantage, the material ensures a very low reflection of light with a surface that is also extremely matte anti-fingerprint; moreover it is soft to the touch and scratch-resistant and abrasion, hygienic, because the structure of the compound hinders the bacterial attacks, easy to clean, anti-mildew, anti-static and water repellent. Modula Due with Fenix ​ Ntms ™, the perfect blend of design, research and innovation.


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