Heavy duty, the new generation laminates


Comp-14-YOUNG-scorcioWith heavy-duty laminates, technological development is once again pushing the creative boundaries of quality furniture, setting a new standard in production processes.

The evolution of materials used in furniture is reaching an all-time high with technology taking materials to a whole new level and, in recent years, offering the furniture industry a truly amazing array of innovations and design opportunities.
Hot off the press, the most recent development in the laminate sector is the “Heavy Duty” laminate, the product of years of research and advanced technological development. The materials consist of a high-strength protective overlay, one or more decor-papers (DPL) or laminate (HPL) pressed onto wood fibreboard.
This procedure makes the laminate an easy-care product offering excellent performance: resistance to burns, low inflammability, light stability, impermeability to stains, high impact and pressure resistance, environmental compatibility and zero toxicity.
Many of these properties stem from the quality of the overlay, which reproduces the look and feel of raw materials, such as wood, concrete and granite, which are highly valued by today’s architects and designers.
Puntotre uses HD (Heavy Duty) laminate for its brand-new PURO vanities – with chamfered solid-surface edges – and on its 5cm tops, which can be used to create extremely flexible configurations with exclusive geometrical features.

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