Modula 2.0, the bathroom of the future, soon available


Last retouches and first images, a preview of the long-awaited new project designed by Puntotre

After the exclusive preview at the Milan fair of last April, great excitement in these days for the completion of the new Puntotre bathroom furniture, which is already defined as the new flagship product of the entire collection, we’re talking about the highly anticipated bathroom Modula 2.0.
The new Modula is not only a modern reinterpretation of the historical model Puntotre, which was for years a veritable milestone in the modern bathroom furniture of high value constructive, but it is a true generational leap in terms of both aesthetic restyling, and quality in design and construction techniques.
Technical staff and designers arrived today to the final stages of an in-depth analysis and study process that lasts for months. Every single detail of the new Modula is representative of the great effort toward innovation of solutions and research of new materials that can be more efficient in terms of productivity, sustainability and durability.Expected by mid-September, the Modula 2.0 will be placed at the top of the range Puntotre, and will be characterized for highly advanced design and for the unions at 45 °.
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