The accessory in the bathroom design, the detail that makes the difference


Among the secrets to furnish the bathroom with style and creativity, the choice of the accessory becomes the distinctive mark of a truly exclusive furniture.

Inside the modern concept of bathroom furniture, the accessory has become highly important, both in the terms of environment mood, which for the final destination of the room.
Today, the design of these components embodies an intense proccess of study and research, which aims to make the object an active and integrated element in the overall size of the furniture project.
In these terms, Puntotre can offer several modern lines, intended for different types of use, to reach out to every functional and aesthetic need of the end user. The series called PLANET ZERO and AGO are distinguished by advanced design and attention to detail, each representing a point of reference for its line of belonging; High design with PLANET, Minimal with ZERO, Practical and Elegant with a needle.
To all these accessories, Puntotre links a series of complements absolutely important, starting from the trays to equip the interior of each drawer, open modules made ​​with different materials and small components, such as towel rack (see the image), which complement the range of elements designed to customize and enhance your bathroom.

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