Stoneware porcelain in the new bathroom furniture

One of the most appreciated traits that characterize our brand is the constant commitment to the research of innovative solutions capable of combining aesthetics and function.

For this reason, we can say that every Puntotre development is always “user-centered“, we mean, designed with a view to always propose updates and new ideas that are truly useful to the end user, allowing him to fully enjoy the good purchased.

With this in mind, the forthcoming, eagerly awaited Groove and Handle Systems catalog will give ample space to Porcelain Tiles tops, for which we have planned a significant expansion of the range of finishes, thanks also to the synergy with LAMINAM, a leading brand in the market.

Many are the peculiarities of these materials, among the most significant are worth mentioning:

Long-lasting quality. Thanks to the choice of raw materials and cutting-edge technology resulting from years of research.

Ease of maintenance. Stoneware surfaces are quick and easy to maintain, and also prevent the growth of fungus and mildew.

Esthetically striking. The definition of surface materials has reached extraordinary heights that enhance the entire design of any room.

Eco friendly. Thanks to the use of raw materials of exclusively natural origin and production processes with minimal CO2 emissions.

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