The success of Vertigo

Just a few months after its official launch, Vertigo is already a must-have of design bathroom furniture. Thanks to its special aesthetic features and the adoption of innovative technical solutions, in a very short time the new Puntotre model has gained a leading position in the complex and competitive scenario of contemporary bathroom furniture.

Vertigo represents the perfect balance between elegance and rationality. In all its forms, it always has the capacity to give the whole environment exclusive suggestions.

The most appreciated distinctive feature of this model is in fact the ability to express both charm and lightness, even in the most sophisticated compositions.

The elegant geometries of the characteristic cannetted front, the precious finishes, from silk grey to Calacatta marble, the brass elements, the oxidized metals and the black aluminium of the frames, the smoked glass for washbasins or using the latest generation polymeric materials; and then again a wide choice of new lines of accessories including mirrors, glass cabinets, towel rails, shelves…the customizations as always at Puntotre have no limits but in this model the creative possibilities are truly endless!

All of this contributes to the great success of Vertigo, a bathroom furniture that will soon become a reference in modern bathroom interior design.

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