The birth of Consorteria, a new “participative” contract.


To the starting gates CONSORTERIA, an innovative project in the field of hotel contract with Puntotre in a role of protagonist for the bathroom furniture

Puntotre, along with other important partners in the sector of hotel supply is among the founders of the brand-new project destined to the contract. CONSORTERIA is a new way of understanding the relationship between professional users and manufacturing industry, within which, hoteliers, architects and designers will be able to deal with the manufacturers without intermediaries, having full availability of their expertise and support in the implementation of projects.
The big brands founders are:
· Bubola e Naibo – Paintings, Mirrors and Frames
· Fabbian Illuminazione – Lighting systems
· G.D. Dorigo – Wooden and fire doors
· Coletti Newcol – Furnishing for common areas
· Mazzon – Textile decors
· Biemmereti – Bed systems
· Z.G. Group – Bedroom Furniture, Kitchen and Upholstered
· Puntotre – Bathroom Furniture

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